Eesti Loto: Norms, Cost, and Odds

Eesti Loto is the most popular state-sponsored lottery for Estonian citizens. You can purchase tickets online or offline and win a share of the enormous weekly prize pools. Today’s post will concentrate on the online variant of the Eesti Loto. Below you will find a list of Estonian online casinos.

How to Play the Estonian Lottery?

The procedure for playing the Eesti Loto is comparable to that of any other online lottery program. You must first purchase tickets and then await the draw to determine if your number has increased. On the official website, four distinct varieties of lotteries are available. The Bingo, Keno, Vikinglotto, and EuroJackpot games. Each competition has its own incentive pool.

Bingo Loto

Bingo is the most straightforward game on the Eesti Loto website, and it features a massive prize fund. Weekly, the results are chosen on television. It is “Big Lottery Wednesday” today. The game contains five components. The central square, corner play, diagonal play, complete play, and one-miss play. If you’ve played online Bingo games, you’ll be familiar with the Eesti Loto’s rules.


Ticket price: €1

Permitted nations: Estonia

Keno Loto

Similar to the Bingo Loto, you must purchase tokens to participate in the Keno draw. A 64-number game in which participants choose between 1 and 10 numbers. The winning numbers are then announced on television.


Ticket price: €2

Permitted nations: Estonia


This is an international lottery that extends beyond Estonia’s borders. Rather, it is a lottery run jointly by Finland, Norway, Iceland, Belgium, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, and Estonia. The weekly drawing for Vikinglotto occurs every Wednesday. The selection will take place in Hamari, Norway. The drawing concludes at 7 p.m. Norway time.


Ticket price: €1.50

Permitted nations: Estonia


This is also an international lottery. However, it should not be confused with EU casinos that offer lotteries. It brings together participants from key European nations, including Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Iceland, Slovakia, and Hungary. Every week, the drawing occurs on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Ticket price: €2

European nations are permitted.

Probabilities of Winning the Prize

For a lottery program to function, it must offer winning percentages. On the Eesti Loto website, there are four distinct lotto games with varying probabilities. Since Bingo is the first lottery offered on the Eesti Loto website, let’s begin our discussion of the probabilities of winning with Bingo. Additionally, you are aware that the game consists of five segments. Therefore, the odds will differ for each component, and we must list them all for your comprehension.


The odds for the central square game are 1 in 15.

The odds for the corner game are 1 in 30.

The odds for the diagonal play are 1 in 770.

The odds for the one-miss play are 1 in 6700.

Lastly, the probabilities of winning the Bingo jackpot are 1 in 1,700,000!

The grand prize in Keno is awarded when 10 out of 10 numbers are drawn. In order for this to occur, you must first select ten numbers. There is a 1 in 819,855 possibility that all the stars will align. The largest prize in the Vikingslotto is the jackpot, which has a winning probability of 1 in 61,357,560.


The EuroJackpot has the lowest probability of winning. According to the official website, the odds of obtaining the EuroJackpot jackpot are 1 in 139,838,160!


Cost of an Eesti Lotto Ticket

Bingo lottery vouchers begin at €2 for single playgrounds and €4 for double playgrounds. If you wish, you can purchase permits for ten playgrounds for €20. Considering the game’s probabilities, the more tickets you purchase, the greater your chance of winning.


Calculating the ticket price for the Keno draw is challenging. It would be beneficial if you considered your wager value, the number of playing fields, and the desired number of drawings. One ticket allows participation in 1, 2, 4, or 6 consecutive drawings.


Therefore, the price of a Keno ticket will equal your wager multiplied by the number of playing fields multiplied by the number of drawings. If you wager €1 on three fields for four consecutive drawings, the cost of your ticket is €12. Information regarding our lottery numbers, the date of the drawing, your chosen numbers, etc. will be printed directly on the ticket after purchase.


Despite being an international lottery, the Vikinglotto’s ticket prices are extremely reasonable. Each admission costs €1.50 for one playground only. You may purchase up to ten facilities for your own use. Consequently, the admission price can reach up to €15.


Ultimately, EuroJackpot tickets. The minimum price for one draw and one game combination is €2. The price of a lottery ticket increases as more game combinations and drawings are included. For instance, if you purchase a ticket for five drawings at a single game combination, it will cost you €10.

Our Opinion on Eesti Loto


We enjoy all varieties of lotteries. Nevertheless, we adore Eesti Loto even more. The terms of the four lotteries are reasonably straightforward and are inclusive of all participants. Eesti Loto is your best option if you’re a resident of Estonia seeking an online lottery service.


Eesti Loto FAQs

When is the Eesti Loto drawing?


It depends on the type of Eesti loto you play. Every day, there is a single Eesti Loto draw.


Who owns the Estonian Lottery?


Heiki Kranich, a government representative, oversees the Eesti Loto, which is a state-owned lottery.


How likely are you to win the Eesti Loto?


The odds vary significantly from one lottery to the next. The longest odds we have observed are 1 in 139 million for the Eurojackpot.






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