The Boss of Bass

Overview of the Bass Boss Slot

Cast off with Bass Boss, a slot machine from Red Tiger themed on fishing, and don a canvas hat and some zinc paste. Slots for fishing remain popular, and bass are once again a target species. Is it because bass are so widespread throughout the globe, or because they are such a fun fish to catch? Or maybe it’s because “bass” sounds good when combined with “boss” or “bonanza.” Now that we’ve had our fill of deep thought, let’s to the water and see what kind of catch we can haul in in Bass Boss.

When I first laid eyes on Bass Boss, I felt a shiver of apprehension run up my spine. Certainly not due of its aesthetic value. In fact, its azure lakes, rolling hills, and verdant forests made it the perfect setting for a wholesome dose of fresh air and exercise. It’s only that playing it reminded me of Red Tigers’ terrible attempt into the InfiniReels universe with Get the Gold. The fisherman in the top right quadrant might easily pass as a typical prospector if he changed his attire to match the rest of the panel, which is all blue water because it is part of a 5-reel game. Thankfully, Bass Boss was a more upbeat experience, with a jangly country and western song that fit the game’s upbeat spirit.

Bass Boss is typical of fishing slots, which, with the exception of games like 4 Fantastic Fish and Golden Catch, don’t have huge potential. If you compare the maximum win potential of 4,835x to that of the competitors, you’ll find that it’s far higher. Theoretical return to player value is 95.7%, yet the game is extremely risky. It’s not a terrible profit, but it’s significantly less than the Big Bass Bonanza range’s maximum default values from Pragmatic Play. You may play across many platforms for as little as 10 percent and as much as £/€20 each cast-off in bait or stakes.

After a time, it doesn’t seem as important to get line wins as it is to get fish money icons or to look for scatters. When three or more identical symbols appear on adjacent reels, left to right, along any of the game’s 10 fixed win lines, the player is awarded a line win. Tens through aces serve as the low-paying symbols, with payouts of 1x to 3x the wager for a full house. Spinning reels, caps, tackle boxes, and boats serve as the high-paying symbols, with payouts of 10x to 30x the wager for a full house. There are no wild symbols in Bass Boss.

Slot Machine Bass Feature

Many players anticipate a collection of symbols when they play a slot machine with a fishing theme. The renowned Fishin’ Frenzy originated this trend, and now Bass Boss is carrying it on. Gray fish are for 2x or 5x, blue fish are worth 10x or 15x, green fish are worth 30x or 50x, and orange fish are worth 100x or 200x, and they can appear in any position.

In the standard game, the fisherman will cast a hook at random, landing it flush with a row of the playing field. The values represented by any fish symbols in the row are added together and given out. If the hook sinks and no fish symbols are in view, or if the symbols are on rows other than the winning one, no payout is made. To increase his chances of catching more fish, though, the fisherman can use the Nudge function to shift his hook to a different row. The payoff value of fish symbols can be increased by the addition of multipliers to the float in the main game. It’s possible to use a multiplier of 2, 3, 5, or 10.

Spins for a Prize

If you get 3, 4, or 5 of the Contest Spins icons, you’ll enter a bonus round where you may win 10, 15, or 20 free spins, respectively. The fisherman maintains constant contact with the water during all Contest Spins. In order to increase his chances of catching fish, the fisherman will either leave the hook where it is or shift it up or down a row after each Contest Spin.

The number of fish reeled in during Contest Spins is recorded on a 4-tiered bar. When a player catches 8 fish, they advance to the next level and receive a multiplier that applies to all subsequent catches as well as 10 more Contest Spins. Multipliers increase from 2x to 3x to 5x to 10x.

Big Bass: The Fruit Machine’s Judgment

Bass Boss makes fishing look a lot simpler than it actually is. If the fish are there and you drop your hook at the correct depth, the fish will swim straight up to it and bite. The little ones are easier to catch. It won’t happen every time the fisherman throws a line out that he catches one of the larger, more valuable fish symbols. Amazingly, the 100x fish was caught because to one of the occasional Nudge row changes the fisherman performs to provide a hand.

Expecting huge, cash-paying fish to just jump into your boat is unrealistic in Bass Boss. Going all the way to the fourth level of Contest Spins many times still didn’t guarantee anything. Theoretically, you’d be halfway to Bass Boss’ maximum win of 4,835x the wager if you caught one of the Orange 200x fish on stage 4 with the x10 multiplier on the float. For reference, that’s more than twice as much as Big Bass Bonanza, and it’s even more than Big Bass Bonanza Megaways. There aren’t any monster trucks, and the price is somewhat lower than Big Bass Splash. Perhaps some adventurers might be persuaded by such a little point.

Even if you don’t believe that Bass Boss’s huge catches are actually possible, fishing is still about the adventure of going out into the wild and catching your own food. If that’s the case, Bass Boss is an excellent addition to the wide variety of fishing-themed games already available. It has a buoyant mood, the vibrant graphics typical of the genre, and the chance to win fish money symbols. Although these fish aren’t necessarily the type that inspire boasting, there is still potential for lucky fishermen to achieve some amount of fame here.






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